Finding My Way

I love everything about Muay Thai, it's traditions, it's values and the people.

I'm determined to fight one day, hopefully in Thailand and the dates set, I'm moving to Bangkok May 2014 for an unconfirmed length of time!

2013 has been a really interesting year for me, I've had my heart absolutely shattered in a martial arts context and I am slowly but surely picking up the pieces.

It's taking time though, it's been hard trying to love Muay Thai the way I used to and that's the journey. But it's worth it.

I'm incredibly blessed and fortunate to be able to continue finding my way, wherever that is...

BBQ Tandoori Chicken

BBQ Tandoori chickenIngredients
2 chicken breasts (no skin)
3 tbsp tandoori paste
2 tbsp low fat yoghurt
1 lemon cut into quarters
4 tbsp low fat yoghurt
1 Lebanese cucumber diced
1 squeeze of lemon

Trim any excess fat off chicken.
Combine tandoori paste and yoghurt and mix well with chicken.
Make sure BBQ is hot and cook until tender. Allow the chicken to rest for about a minute by taking off the heat and covering with foil. Add chopped cucumber and lemon juice to the yoghurt and mix together. Place chicken on plate with yoghurt dressing on top or to the side.

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